Thursday, June 8, 2017

ICCV Workshop: Multiview Relationships in 3D Data (MVR3D 2017)

This year, in Venice, in conjunction with one of the best computer vision conferences, International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), I am co-organizing the workshop of Multiview Relationships in 3D Data (MVR3D 2017). .
I am very excited to announce that we have a marvelous list of speakers, and are looking forward to an amazing set of papers and presentations. We grant awards to authors of all accepted papers, and give out very exclusive awards for the best papers. So make sure to check it out:

Here are the speakers:
Andrew Fitzgibbon, Partner Scientist, Microsoft Research
Alex Bronstein, Associate Professor, Tel-Aviv University
Vladlen Koltun, Principal Scientist, Intel
Radu Horaud, Senior Research Scientist, INRIA
Andreas Nüchter, Professor for Telematics, Julius-Maximilians-University
Konrad Schindler, Professor, ETH Zurich
Chrisopher Zach, Research Scientist, Toshiba Europe
Luc Robert, Software Architect, Fellow, Bentley

A short list of topics:

  • Global point cloud alignment
  • Multiview registration using scene priors
  • Learning methods for multiview correspondence estimation
  • 3D Object reconstruction from multiple views
  • Joint registration and segmentation of multiple scans
  • Joint matching of multiple non-rigid surfaces
  • Multiview object detection
  • Multi-object Instance reconstruction
  • Feature descriptors for multiview 3D matching
  • Multiview pose estimation
  • Joint processing of multiple point clouds
  • Pose averaging and error diffusion on graphs
  • Multiview stitching of 3D scans on mobile and embedded devices
  • Practical applications of multiple scan registration on large scale settings
  • Datasets and dataset methods for ground truth acquisition

Here are the organizing committee:
Tolga Birdal, Technical University of Munich
Emanuele Rodolà, Università della Svizzera Italiana
Gul Varol, INRIA
Slobodan Ilic, Siemens AG
Umberto Castellani, University of Verona
Andrea Torsello, Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Looking forward to meeting all at this exciting event in Venice! #MVR3D2017